What is Joker Malware and how to avoid it?

Joker malware

Joker Malware: A new malware has created havoc for Android devices. The dangerous clown malware has access to different countries around the world. Sometimes referred to as Bread, this nasty malware is capable of breaking through Play Protect’s security barriers.

It sneaks into the system by hiding in the downloaded application. It can render devices useless and steal personal information of users. Let us know how Joker can affect your device and what you should do if your phone gets infected by it.

What is Joker Malware?

Joker is a dangerous software that hides in applications. It automatically subscribes to premium services from mobile without your consent and knowledge. For this, this malware uses WAP billing service. It was first identified in the year 2017. However, at that time it only affected paid SMS messages.

By the way, till now Google has managed to keep it away from its system. For this, we have to say thanks to the security technology of Play Protect. By the way, Google has detected more than 1,700 Android applications affected by Joker since 2017. He has removed all these from the play store.

How the joker gets into your phone?

Joker maker has left no stone unturned to fool Google and Android users. First of all, this malware selects applications that are free, appear clean, are secure and have a false positive rating. Users gradually start trusting such applications and they start downloading them.

And then when a good number of these applications are installed in the phone, then the makers of Joker issue an update, in which this dangerous malware is hidden. In this way it reaches the phone. This makes it almost impossible for users to detect it.

By the way, Google has made a lot of efforts to counter the Joker. Despite all this, users also have to be cautious. The hacker behind this messy software can launch 23 fake applications in a day. This makes it difficult to identify, track and thwart their plans.

If Joker comes in your mobile, what to do?

If you come to know that you have suddenly subscribed to many such premium services for which you have never signed-in, then be alert. The first thing to do is to contact the providers of those services and unsubscribe them (so that they can not take money from you).

Then tell them that you have become a victim of the Joker. Apart from this, also install a good mobile antivirus so that your device can be partially or fully restored. If you want a good antivirus for your Android smartphone, then all the things will be found in detail in this article.

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