Top 10 Positive Things About Long Distance Relationship

Long Distance Relationship

Long distance sucks; ever felt that way? You aren’t alone, it really is hard. From not getting to cuddle with your special one to maintaining a pending pile of kisses, LDR bites us every day. Enough of sobbing and sulking, time to see the flip side of this distance! Like really there are positives to being a long distance couple, things that same city love birds won’t ever get. Trust us people, you guys have an edge over others and its time you see the light!

It isn’t about lust

Since you aren’t in the same city, you definitely aren’t going at it like bunnies! Though there isn’t anything wrong with physical intimacy, a relationship needs more to stand the test of time. So you can rejoice people; you know you aren’t here for lust because well, practically you have fewer opportunities to fulfill that agenda! Be proud guys, you are emotionally involved with each other; its love and you definitely aren’t confusing it with lust!

Trust is at an all time high

When you are in a long distance relationship, you have little choice but to trust your partner. Letting your imagination run wild and visualizing your man getting cozy with other chicks isn’t going to help. So you end up trusting your bond and give your 100% with the hope that you aren’t getting anything less in return. That’s how you lay strong foundations, trust is definitely the key!

A lot more surprises

Meeting for a coffee or movie is frequent with the same city couples; that is a no brainer! So the idea of surprises doesn’t strike them often. That’s where the LDR couples hit a six! Your boyfriend will drive for 4 hours straight and show up at your place unannounced. That deserves a huge Awww! If not that, sending bouquets and gifts go on, all thanks to numerous online services. Weren’t they founded only to bridge the gap between two lovers in different cities?

Guilty free ‘me’ time

When you are soaking yourself in a nice bubble bath and having a glass of wine, your other friends are stressing over the outfits for their weekend date. Between work, family and regular dates; they have less time of me time. But that’s not the case with you, long hours of Netflix with a tub of ice cream comes guilty free. Maybe not if you consider the calories but chuck it; at least you ain’t cutting time on your love. So all’s cool!

More time for friendships

Since you aren’t occupied with your special one for almost all evenings, you have a lot of time to build friendships. So gear up boy, football nights can be planned at your place now, so let the booze flowing! Oh darling, your sleepovers with elaborate nail art sessions have been put off for too long, now is the time to catch up on that. Sounds so much fun already, anyone up for an LDR?

Monotony is out of sight

Where the other couples are always cribbing about boredom that has set into their relationship, you can have a happy dance inside your head! When the chances to meet in person are less, you come up with creative ways to keep the fire burning. From watching the same romantic movie at the same time to playing online 2 player games with each other, you’ve got the ‘connection riddle’ decoded! If that aren’t couple goals then we don’t know what are!

No pregnancy scares

Nobody wants a life of celibacy but not having sex has at least this one benefit. You aren’t getting pregnant in a long distance relationship, until of course they come up with some wifi technology! Till that day, you are safe girl! And how can we forget, no sex means no STDs. Take a sign of relief people; you are immune to that pain. Pheww, something is positive after all!

Mystery goes strong

You aren’t an open book to your mate and when many would call this a negative of LDR, it is anything but that! You aren’t barring your soul to the last bit of detail over the phone and that isn’t a drawback, mind it! After all who wants to be predictable in front of their lovers? There isn’t anything better than a bit of mystery in a relationship if you like to keep things on the edge! So enjoy this people, you have some part of your personality that is yet to be unleashed by your partner, sounds adventurous!

Exciting vacations are waiting

No we aren’t saying that LDR couples end up planning their exotic vacation to Maldives while the rest stick to pizza takeaways for their days off! But well going to another city to meet your bae is like a vacation, right? And because you get to do this so less, you plan it for months. From the places you’d eat at and the shopping spree that is going to follow, everything is planned on point! What more, the anticipation of meeting your love after months will give you butterflies. We guess now it’s totally worth it!

Independent living lessons

Your boyfriend isn’t there to give you a pick and drop, so you become a pro at public transport. And dude, she isn’t dropping by to feed you. Uhmm you guessed it right, no option but to cook for yourself! All this zeroes down to managing your life on your own without the support of your better half. This experience is making you stronger and more independent; hurray you have your life sorted!

Last Words

Relationships are beautiful no matter the physical distance. So what is your take on the positive aspect of long distance relations? Tell us in the comment section below.

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